Call for Contributors – Back from Afghanistan: The Experiences of Soviet Afghan War Veterans

Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society, 2 (2015)

Guest editors: Felix Ackermann (European Humanities University, Vilnius) and
Michael Galbas (University of Konstanz)

This special JSPPS issue investigates the impact of the Soviet-Afghan war
(1979-89) from a range of perspectives. It focuses in particular

– on analyzing strategies employed by state and society for (re)integrating
returning veterans, especially in the face of new and very different post-war
social settings;
– on the development of transnational veterans’ networks; and
– on the role of Soviet Afghan veterans in ongoing conflicts in the
post-Soviet region.

Submissions might include reflections on:
•    the different paths of Afghanistan veterans back to their home society;

•    the impact of the dissolution of the USSR on this experience;
•    strategies of economic survival and social integration;
•    the long-term psychological impact of the war experience;
•    present-day reverberations of these experiences in post-Soviet space;
•    the creation and work of veterans’ organisations;
•    conflicts between veterans and state actors over social rights;
•    the development of a memory culture aimed at publicly establishing a
particular interpretation of the war;
•    the development of transnational networks between Afghan veterans;
•    the role of Afghan veterans in ongoing conflicts in post-Soviet space.

Submissions will be accepted in English, German, and Russian.

Abstracts (300 words) of proposed articles should be sent to the General Editor
by 14 February 2015. Full articles will then be due by 20 April 2015 (for
publication in October 2015).

Formal style prescriptions:

Julie Fedor (General Editor):
Andreas Umland (Consulting Editor and German Language Editor):

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