On-line press – Soldiers from the wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya discuss PTSD, July 2015

Meduza_LogoWelcome back from hell Soldiers from the wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya discuss PTSD.

A photo series by Artem Protsuk


Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD, also referred to as the “Afghan Syndrome” or the “Chechen Syndrome” in Russian) is a psychological condition caused by experiencing or witnessing war. Symptoms of PTSD include psychological distress, memory loss, and high levels of stress and anxiety.

Starting in February of this year, Artem Protsuk photographed veterans of the Afghan and Chechen Wars suffering from PTSD. He asked each of them to show him some object relating to their war-time experiences and tell him about returning to civilian life. Meduza shares this photos series, along with the stories of the veterans pictured. The years in the captions below reflect when each man served in combat.

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