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Interview with Olga Capatina, a Moldavian Afganka (in Russian)

Olga Capatina was born in Lencauti, Ocnita in Moldavia in May 1955. She graduated in philology, psychology and was trained as a nurse. After a career in journalism and due to a divorce that left her with two young children, she joined a military Commissariat where she was guaranteed a decent salary. In July 1987, she was sent to Afghanistan as a physiotherapist. A year later in July 1988, she joined the GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate) and took part in several GRU operations until the withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Afghanistan in February 1989.

The interview was conducted by Cloé Drieu and Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski, Paris, 25th September 2015.

It was officially published here: in the Issue 17 | 2016 : Women in Arms: from the Russian Empire to Post-Soviet States

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Part 2: